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A Killer New Card in NBA 2K20's MyTeam Mode

Date Apr. 9th 05:36 AM Icon 61 Date 0


Kawhi Leonard shot at the lights out from three-point range in Chicago at the NBA All-Star Game of Sunday night, and he will be the recipient of a killer new card in cheap NBA 2K20 MT MyTeam mode.

As has been the case since NBA 2K's MyTeam mode hit its stride, the winner of this All-Star Game MVP gets a card at the mode. The card of leonard will be released on Monday, and it will be accessible as a part of an All-Star Minutes Pack. The packs will be accessible to catch using MyTeam points or digital Money. At Sunday night, the cost wasn't set, but it could be similar. Expect the Leonard card to be expensive and coveted. I would figure as high as 400,000 MT during the first two days of availability.

There's a Pink Diamond edition of Leonard available in the mode, also because this one is being released afterwards, it ought to have been a Galaxy Opal, but it was only upgraded one entire point.There could be more cards available from the pack after such a memorable All-Star Weekend. We still haven't seen the"Thank You, Kobe" cards which were apparently available through a locker code this weekend, but it appears nobody was able to redeem them with the locker code.

The MyTeam card selection was kicked into overdrive as we venture into the next half of their NBA's regular season. There are currently two new Galaxy Opal card (Michael Jordan and Vince Carter), a Pink Diamond LeBron James, Leonard, Aaron Gordon, and Buddy Hield, and Diamond versions of Derrick Jones Jr., Miles Bridges and Bam Adebayo. If you're trying to get in to MyTeam, today might be a fantastic moment.

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