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Amount of Runescape Players and Runescape Sport As a Whole

Date Apr. 9th 05:21 AM Icon 39 Date 0


If you post something which the Runescape gamers may not appreciate you're getting downvoted. It's pointing out an issue that is objective or only an opinion. They dictate what's important to what isnt and this sub. A real shame because we only understand the hardcore perspective. This sub has priorities that are strange. Times theyd rather get updates which help their experience, what they want, rather than what would he for the amount of OSRS Gold players and Runescape sport as a whole. When talking about mini games you'll get a whole lot of"dead content, do not waste their time, some more end game content ".

Some minigames would require redesigning to become sacred. I would imagine for games that need PvP or multiple functions, at most it could simply be scaled to 1v1 (essentially duo). That a good step in the right direction, however. Requiring only 2 is way better than like 10. That is essentially what people did before rework for Trim. Make that the price for all minigame rewards. No one actually wishes to perform with these minigames, they need the benefits. As you can to get lots of rewards, for example, state, RC Master Robes. Make that the situation for the majority of the rest too (possibly a couple of case-by-case exceptions).

Jagex utilizes upvotes to help determine exactly what gets into Runescape game people strategically downvote things that are particular they don't want time. There must be another reason for this too, since I visit normal comments that have no match improvement hints get downvoted of the time. Sometimes even the entire thread is going to probably be downvoted (as in, everyone commenting there gets downvoted).

By way of instance, Within this thread, my remark was one of the few that managed to keep a positive score in the first day of the thread. Just about everyone else had 0 rating, regardless of what their comment was around. I'm not sure if that subreddit is constantly brigaded by other people or if the people that play Cheap RS Gold (and browse here) are only a lot less older on average, yet this subreddit is certainly fucked even compared to other game-specific subreddits such as the dota2 one. More information please click www.rsgoldfast.com/

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