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  But for example, in AC?

Date Tuesday, March 2nd 2021, 6:16 AM; Icon 6; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

I challenge that assumption.She obtained doxxed for this? How people ever believe that is okay never fails to surprise and disgust me. If these twitter folks have so much time and self-righteous hate on their hands why not they go track down pedos or something like 4chan smh

Why does your Animal Crossing character (or any character) must become an avatar of"you"? Turtle is Tortimer (Game Cube) and hedgehog is Mabel/Sabel:-RRB- Dandelions are there bc they are my favorite flower but also represent the weeds at the match lol. And all these animals are native to my home state so it is not juuuust an AC tattooIf it comes down to it, I get where they are coming from. Like, I get it. There's a good deal of staying mad in the area over this. We are told time and time again that styles and styles that we have coined are ghetto and ugly when we wear them. But once an outsider comes in and cops it, it's all of a sudden adorable or a bold statement.

But for example, in AC? Gatekeeping and throwing arbitrary guidelines on who can wear what on their little bundles of code and pixel? Nonsense. They are fighting a battle that just isn't there and making themselves seem all the way idiotic from the procedure.

If you want to know more about AC, you can visit www.acbells.com

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