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  Also make them behave exactly

Date Friday, December 6th 2019, 5:54 AM; Icon 2; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

Also make them behave exactly the same and the developers will need to eliminate the version that is aggressive. And for endgame, where the 50 level gap does not exist, give us a count which makes them stop attacking us. The method was disliked by many but it was easy to avoid getting assaulted with a while. If that Dofus player's story is replicating itself (and Deviched mentioned a comment above me that they had been assaulted during their login ) then this needs to be changed ASAP.

I am glad Ankama made a decision to change the aggression system (though I didn't really mind the older one, I enjoy Wabbits and Koalaks) but in literally the rest of the parts of Dofus game, with the exception of wing/koth strikes, the user generally has a chance to avoid something by doing nothing. You do nothing and you do not inadvertently sell your stuff. You do competitive and nothing monsters ignore you.

I know they wanna maintain low-level characters from exploring beyond their degree (that is really a cool idea) but the highly aggressive version punishes Dofus players to get lagging, for logging into Dofus game (or logging out on the incorrect map, which might be caused by a maintenance/server problem, mind you!) , for stepping out of our house!I would ask the way the whole thing around the"special" monsters like the Butcher, Nox and others would work, regarding the characters that could take part in a fight, as there is a strict limit to how many Dofus players can take part in a struggle due to how the battle system works in Dofus, however I'll just wait and see how it ends up, but I've a feeling some Dofus players may just farm a few of the regions under their level and leave others in that degree length out. I've seen it over once.

I'm a fan of this new concept for your own star system. I agree that one of the issues of Dofus has been a couple of zones are always the content in Dofus game. It always existed, however, Frigost started us above all else on this route to Korri leeches. However, I have reservations about basing this system. These level indicators are supposed to show how difficult the monsters in an area are, but that is not how it works in real life.

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