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  The growing epidemic of fortnite items

Date Friday, June 22nd 2018, 6:28 AM; Icon 4; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

I am not suggesting that you prohibit video games. In upgrading my publication Boys Adrift: the five factors driving the growing epidemic of fortnite items unmotivated boys and underachieving young men, I reviewed dozens of studies of video games: who is playing with them, what would be the effects, and what are sensible limits. Additionally, I spoke with a few of the investigators doing the study. Here are evidence-based guidelines for the son or daughter playing with video games:no longer than 40 minutes a night on school nights. No more than an hour every day. Your minutes do not roll over: should you go three months without enjoying, that does NOT mean that you are permitted to spend seven hours on a Saturday playing with video games. That is binge gaming, and it's harmful. No matches in which the aim is to kill people. NBA Live is fine. Wii Bowling is fine. Madden NFL Football is fine. Candy Crush is fine. No games before all the homework is done and all of the chores are done.

The actual challenge for parents comes in enforcing those guidelines. Some parents will not even attempt. Parents say to me, "I just want him to be pleased (link is external). Playing with Fortnite makes him happy. So why shouldn't I let him perform?"

However, "I only need him to be happy" is a low bar. You can do better. Your son can perform better. They need to learn something of the reach of human possibility outside what they see in a animation movie game like Fortnite. In other words: it is your task, as the parent, to educate desire: to create a longing for something better, more lasting, more than video games or Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner on Instagram (connection is external).

Tips for mastering 'Fortnite,' the biggest game in the www.mmogo.com

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