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  There's basically a world that has five zones

Date Tuesday, September 20th 2022, 6:42 AM; Icon 64; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

There's basically a world that has five zones. Before, you had to choose "What do I choose as the two zones of low levels that I begin my expansion in?" Now we have world-scaling which lets us say that if you enter Azuna at 100 levels and it's level 100 for you.

However, when you go to Azuna at the end and your companion is level 108, you are able to form a group. The level will take him to 108 and 100 for you, and you'll both contribute to the game and each receive appropriate prizes.

It allows us to utilize the world at the final game. In the past, we would expand by constructing a continent. A tiny portion of the continent was sufficient for the final game.

With the advent of the world quests, there's the entire Broken Isles for players to complete quests and earn rewards. The rewards continue to increase and the game remains competitive against the dungeons.

Nervig The car has a lot of under-the-hood magic happening to make it work. It's not necessary to think about it. You'll be at level 102 and be grouped by a level 107 and the game will handle this right.

The levels of your enemies appear different to you than to your co-workers? Broken Isles is a region in the Broken Isles houses five zones

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