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  What exactly is an Author Coach?

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A consultant is someone you might have used if you are a company owner or have worked in corporate management. A consultant is someone who has extensive knowledge in one particular industry or an area within that industry. They can help professionals achieve their goals and make them more productive. [url=authors21daychallenge.com]author 21[/url]
An Author Coach is something of a writing consultant. He or she has had extensive experience in the writing and publishing industries and can help aspiring authors to achieve their goals.
But why would someone want to use an Author Coach? What can they expect to gain from the experience of an Author Coach?
Many freelance editors and writers offer two services: Editing and Writing. Those are both fine and good, but what about the writers out there who want to do the work themselves? They want to preserve their voice and style, not be influenced by an editor or copywriter.
It is understandable that we all have our preferred writing methods and this can lead to a problem of "too many cooks". An Author Coach is a coach who helps an author's career without providing any direct assistance. She may offer suggestions and look at work, but she doesn't make any modifications. [url=authors21daychallenge.com]useful reference[/url]
Hiring an Author Coach also has the added benefit of answering your most important questions. The publishing and writing worlds have been very quiet over the years. Successful authors and freelancers have been mum when it comes time to give newbies the help they need. I think the same thing, up to a point. It's because I discovered it on my terms and I have experience. An Author Coach can offer valuable advice.
Author Coaching can be costly. The hourly rates for Author Coaching vary by coach.
The good news is that it's often a one-time investment, and you might get a freebie thrown in for good measure. One example is that I offer a complimentary manuscript critique along with an Author Coaching session. Lisa Taylor Huff, a freelancer, offers a complimentary copy of her ebook. Author Coach Brian Wesling gives away a subscription to his newsletter.
So, the question is, whether Author Coaching is right to you. This can be difficult to determine unless you've made a list of the questions you need answered or the guidance you seek. Are there any issues that have always been elusive about your writing career.
It really makes no sense to pay for author coaching unless you have pertinent questions to which you need answers immediately. What can an Author Coach do to help you succeed? You might also be able to get a publishing contract. Before you reach out for external assistance, be clear about your goals.
Send an e-mail to the Author Coaching if you have a manuscript. Let the Author Coach review it to ensure that you get advice specific to your situation. A short article, article, or story might be a good idea for your Coaching session. By doing this, your Author Coach can get an idea of what your skill, talent and expertise are.
If you are interested in Author Coaching, it is a good idea to compile a list and call satisfied clients to confirm that they are knowledgeable. I would also recommend doing whatever you can to find the answers to all your questions through books, articles, and ebooks before investing in an Author Coaching session.

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