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  Considering that Kaspar Schmeichel,

Date Thursday, September 15th 2022, 4:50 AM; Icon 24; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

There are definitely better Bundesliga midfielders out there, but for those looking to begin using a cheap Bundesliga side, the 77-rated former FC Koln and Borussia Dortmund man represents a legitimate bargain.The Premier League offers up some of the greatest goalkeepers in FIFA 23, yet you're going to have to develop a substantial amount of coins if you're trying to signal David De Gea, Alisson, Ederson, or even Hugh Lloris.To tide you over till you are able to afford one of these world class'keepers, Brighton's Matt Ryan is a total snip at just 500 coins.

Considering that Kaspar Schmeichel, Rui Patricio, and Jordan Pickford will every set you back at least 5,000 coins, Ryan's 80 rating and continuous stats means that you can place him in target and have zero worries, whilst also allowing you to look at other positions on the pitch to invest in. With 83 reflexes, 82 kicking, 81 diving, and high 70s numbers for handling and positioning, Ryan is pun not intended -- a safe pair of hands to get between the articles. Granted, his 53 speed isn't spectacular, but that is usually so often the case for the best of goalkeepers.

For those looking to construct a Premier League FUT side, the Australian stopper is a great starting block.Red Bull Leipzig's Yussuf Poulsen has been the thorn in the side of many a FUT player over the past few decades, with his mix of speed, power, and elevation creating him unplayable at times.Rated 81 on FIFA 23, Poulsen is now available for around 900 coins -- which signifies a significant bargain for a player who's a perfect fit if you are trying to put together a Bundesliga team on the cheap.

FIFA 23 Coins is on sale, early access. If you want to spend the least money and get a better experience, please visit the website www.mmoexp.com

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