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  The Diablo 2 servers came back up and running

Date Sunday, September 11th 2022, 9:56 AM; Icon 38; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

Because it was too busy managing a constant stream of connection requests from game servers. At this point, we also noticed that we could modify our configuration to improve our log of database events, which is crucial to return to an ideal state of health in the event in the event of a database issue, therefore we made these improvements, and conducted further investigation into the root of the issue.

Not exactly what you need for an enjoyable weekend, but that's what it was. It also explains why players were having lots of issues with progress, too. You'd pick your character, begin a game playing for a while but the regional server wasn't able to connect with the central database because of an interruption.

Therefore, it wasn't able to tell that Diablo 2's sources of "ground truth" about the new equipment and XP you'd earned this resulted in angry players losing some of their progress.

The problems only got worse following that. There was an issue when the Diablo 2 servers came back up and running, but they occurred during a time where the majority of players were online. So although the servers re-established rapidly, they crashed nearly immediately when several hundred thousand Diablo 2 instances fired up.

And if the weekend wasn't great What followed on Monday and Tuesday wasn't much better. will bring us to Monday the 11th of October, when we switched between our global databases.

This caused another downtime, because our backup database was mistakenly continuing to run the backup process. This meant that it was spending the majority of its time trying copying from the second database, when it should be processing the requests of servers.

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