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  There are several methods you can use to unblock drains

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I have used many different methods to unblock drains in my lifetime. What I have learnt is documented in this article. [url=www.tayloreddrainsolutions.co.uk]Drain unblocking Bracknell[/url]
We'll start with the time I was told by a coke expert that it would unblock a drain. I bought a big bottle of the stuff when one of the drains in the flat I lived in got clogged up and poured it all down. What happened was pretty predictable. It was a blocked drain that had caused any water to get out of the shower. The shower then filled with fizzy coke.
What has also been recommended, and what I tried on the same drain after the coke had been gotten rid of, was using bleach or some sort of drain cleaner. I bought a bottle of this and poured it down, and it did the trick a bit. Although it wasn't completely blocked, the drain was still blocked. I felt that I had spent too much money for little effect. So I tried the last thing I knew, which was to use the plunger.
Unfortunately, I didn't have a plunger, and as I wasn't willing to spend any more money, I instead phoned the landlord of the flat. The landlord organized for a plumber to arrive, and he had his own electric plimmer, which was great. He was able to remove the blockage in just five minutes. [url=www.tayloreddrainsolutions.co.uk]drainage company Bracknell[/url]
The bottom line is that drain cleaners are good for smaller blocked drains, but if you have larger blockages it's best to call an expert. It can save you both time and money. You need to be aware of your limits. As with many things, you might be able to do it yourself, but if you are unsure then it could be better to get somebody who is. Imagine what it would look like if coke had leaked from my shower and damaged my bathroom floor. This should be a warning.

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