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  The model in the model is perfect for Harden's current scenario

Date Sunday, September 4th 2022, 9:13 AM; Icon 16; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

The face of the card in Nowitzki on this page translates to "Golden Lion King" and this "fault card" made him completely new. Along with that, his speed up to the level of 91. Dirk was the most scrutinized. The problem of too poor shooting capability has also been solved completely to demonstrate its competitive skills online. The attributes and modeling on this particular card is quite similar to those of Jokic but the driver's ability to shoot three points is more essential, and the teaching appointment is more thorough. However, his total of purple medals can be as high as 29. This includes new badges like the first step master and the master of conversion and the conversion master, which is an exaggeration. PS The comic version includes another key gunner purple chapter over the regular version.Nash

Although Nash was the one pink diamond card in the "Fantastic Four," the attributes of this card are not poor at all. His three-point and snap button are better than Harden and his three-speed is as fast as 100. A point guard who is full of threats in the offensive sphere, and with his outstanding ability to dunk, I think he is better than Parker who cannot dunk even once. In terms of badges, the 27 purple badges comprise all the Galaxy levels, and the Comic-based version's exclusive purple badge is a thrower's master and another great little point guard was born.Harden

Following his return to the Nets as he would have liked the season before, Harden's work has improved, and he's slowly becoming the head of this lavish fleet. This 98 Galaxy [fault] board features the same strengths. While retaining the strong offensive firepower, the defense is directly extended to address the biggest weakness of the beard golfer. He also has the same as the magician's backpack (Pro2) and Wade's identical portable dribble bag (Pro3).

The model in the model is perfect for Harden's current scenario, having the arms being thick and a larger belly. . Allow Harden which is 1.96 meters has a huge model advantage in the initial position.The comic version features one more purple green machine medal than the standard version with respect to badges. Also, it comes with high-end defensive purple awards, such as Death Coil, Steal Expert and Board Master. It is a pity that the hot spot hunter and performance times are just gold. However, players who are qualified can Raise them to be purple.

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