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  You are doing it if you draft the Raiders

Date Wednesday, August 24th 2022, 8:55 AM; Icon 24; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

The principal issue you'll need to work out is if you intend to develop Drew Lock at quarterback or give up on him and create a new one in season 2. At ordinary development and 70 entire, it may be an uphill battle to develop him. TE Albert Okwuegbunam is the best tight end prospect of Madden in the entire rookie class. You are able to turn him to one of the best tight ends in the league if you know what you are doing.

You are doing it if you draft the Raiders. Tyrell Williams ought to be poised for a huge year and being so young, he's upside year 4 or 3 of any franchise mode. With Ruggs there to help carry the load, Williams should be able to succeed a little easier at Madden NFL 23. Possessing a young running back like Josh Jacobs will be very helpful as well.

He should be a 95, if you progress him correctly. The problem is his lack of pace. Darren Waller is an elite Madden tight end that will provide matchup problems. The Raiders are a strong young Madden NFL 23 team. Clelin Ferrell is a guy you will wish to develop moving. Even though his rookie season was a bit underwhelming, you need to have the ability to flip it around.

If you played with the Eagles in Madden 23 you remember wanting a lot of assistance in two specific positions. Receiver and cornerback both had to be addressed for them to become a leading Madden team. After drafting the top WR Jalen Reagor and Boise State's John Hightower of TCU the near future seems bright for the Eagles' receiving crew. The issue is that instead of answering the cornerback concerns through the draft, the Eagles decided to take QB Jalen Hurts. This may not have addressed their needs but Hurts may wind up being really useful in Madden NFL 23.

Darius Slay's pickup is huge though and he has the capability make it easier for you and to take away one side of the field. He's in with an 87 rating. Carson Wentz is still a good Madden quarterback and having Fletcher Cox in Madden NFL 23 ought to be a nightmare for the opponents. Boston Scott and miles Sanders aren't the perfect but they will get the job done in the short term till someone can be drafted by you better. QB Jalen Hurts could grow into one of the best dual threat quarterbacks in the Madden NFL 23 game should you develop him early on in your franchise.

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