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  These armistices in the lore have always been temporary

Date Tuesday, August 9th 2022, 12:04 PM; Icon 36; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

The divide between Alliance and Horde has always been a fundamental part of World of Warcraft, but this cornerstone of the beloved fantasy MMORPG is changing forever with cross-faction raiding. Recent announcements by Blizzard have confirmed that players from opposing factions will soon be able to join forces in custom-designed groups, a feature which fans have been asking for since the beginning. Now, it seems, the irreparable divide between red and blue is no longer going to prevent players from playing with their friends who happen to belong to the opposing team.

Since its launch in 2004. and going to the start of the WoW WoTLK Classic Warcraft universe humans and orcs were at others at the throats. Battles that are fierce and epic occur between Horde and Alliance since the time they formed and always involve the player as a soldier, enlisted in either of their groups. The only exception to this rule has been when a common enemy such as the Burning Legion or Lich King threatens all life on Azeroth and forces the two factions to join forces for a limited duration.

These armistices in the lore have always been temporary and never truly actual for players. Horde and Alliance cannot aid, trade with, or communicate with each other during their game. It's like separating half of the players base from the other. The PvP and instanced PvE World of Warcraft content has only ever been available to players who share the same faction as their counterparts, which means that numerous WoW players have had to swallow an expensive faction-change transaction to play with their friends immediately which has long been criticized by the fans.

Blizzard's announcements have detailed exactly how cross-faction play functions paying particular attention to the fact that it is strictly an opt-in system. No leader will be forced to accommodate the other faction in their group , if they decide to and the cross-faction element is only available to premade groups. That means that in premade groups for battlegrounds, arena matches or raids Mythic dungeons Mythic+ as well as other features of the endgame like WoW's Torghast, leaders can allow candidates belonging to two factions sign up. This significantly increases the number of candidates and also the possibility of achieving the desired team makeup. It will apply to both current and older content, though some older instances are not eligible due to technicalities that affect the design of factions.

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