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  For full details on the extensive patch, see the notes on the update over at Elyon

Date Tuesday, August 9th 2022, 8:52 AM; Icon 39; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

The latest version of Elyon includes the long-awaited server merges as well as adding events, a new enchantment effect system for gear, as well as numerous new missions as well as RvR modifications. The update also brings various balance changes and dungeons. With the single server per region in place there are some issues to keep in mind however the updates give the direction of the game much clearer.

With the server merge complete the rankings, Luxury Houses and Clan Wars are all open. However, distribution of clan funds will be paused for two weeks. The previously announced rules generally all apply, with the additional characters per server criteria. If you are carrying more than the limit of characters, not only will you be unable to log in and participate, you won't be able to enter Dimensional Portals and the cooldown on character swaps won't work.

Overall, the update is an exciting start, with the new Clan Coin Shop promotion, which lets you get the chance to earn Clan Coins to trade for items from today through March 2nd. Items include Fixed Enhance Stones and Clan Points Wrapped x 50. Gearing was updated with a new Enchantment Effect system, where you can add additional effects to existing equipment. Some of the stones required to use to benefit from the new system are rewards for Clan Coins here, so the event is a good opportunity to get started. An additional Quick Growth event also runs during the same period and will provide you with an EXP potion to put in the gift box. It will allow you to increase the level of your character from 20 to level 40 immediately.

Click on this website www.p2pah.com and you will learn more about elyon.

The world of the open and RvR have received some fresh modifications, including emergency missions being added to border zones of conflict Blizzard Skirmish, Barren Front as well as Rail of Division. These emergency missions consist of three parts. First , you must defeat the monsters. The second stage is an underboss, and the third will be a boss monster. If you can defeat the boss you'll have the chance to obtain break-through equipment as well as a chance to collect legendary equipment.

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