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  NBA Defensive Player of the Year The analysis of NBA 2K23 analysis

Date Monday, August 1st 2022, 9:14 AM; Icon 60; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

The engineers of NBA 2K23 have revamped the shot contest system to make sure there aren't any more "ghost contests" by players who don't even look at the ball . However, good defensive position will lead to more missed shots than ever before. Animations in which the ball handler could be sucked into the defense as well as "bump steals" are also reduced which means that defenders need to remain in place to keep the offensive ahead of them.

Dribbling is an element in basketball games that are always scrutinized, as well. NBA 2K23 improves this with players, for instance by putting Kevin Durant's sweeping crossovers as well as Curry Slide Curry Slide directly under the player's controlinstead of being a presetor automatic move.

The speed stick has returned from 2K21 and flicking the stick faster can lead to faster dribbles. The new dribble combinations and move chains could help keep even the most skilled defenders off balance. The signature moves and dribbles of all packages will be identical for both consoles of the last generation and current generation.Four players have been confirmed to be part of Glitched. Four players are announced for Glitched series, with each player coming with a statistic boost in 99-overall Dark Matter form. Philadelphia 76ers point guard Ben Simmons is often criticized for his inability of hitting 3 point shots. However, that's not the case anymore, as Glitched Ben Simmons can hang with players like Stephen Curry.

The same can be said for the legend Yao Ming, whose biggest weakness was his three-point game. The big man is now able to make players uncomfortable with his imposing side or lean back and take the three. If you're looking to make the best center build within NBA 2K23, it may already be available with Ming's newly developed Dark Matter unit.

Minnesota Timberwolves D'Angelo Russell may have the attributes of a player who can register 18 to 20 points per game. However, his Glitched unit has now covered his defensive shortcomings. The 26-year-old is currently in his seventh season with the NBA and thinking about him being able to shoot as he does and then rebound with a solid defensive game would make him one of the best point guards within NBA 2K23.

The most notable The most famous one is Hall of Fame legend Larry Bird, who will be remembered in history as being one of the best basketball players of NBA history, despite his inability to dunk. This is a thing of the past, because now the 6'9" behemoth can slam down like no one else that makes him and the rest of the Glitched units undeniably broken .

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