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  Players will be able to add reward items

Date Thursday, July 28th 2022, 1:33 PM; Icon 44; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

Players can collect a lot of loot. They can also discover unique treasures hidden in the afterlife in World of Warcraft: WoW TBC Classic. The Great Vault is an additional loot feature that holds even more treasures than those hidden throughout the various zones of leveling. Through the Great Vault, players can select a reward item each week, which includes the Legendary power out of a collection comprising nine rewards. The players can unlock these items each week through completing specific tasks, including participating in Raids as well as working through Mythic Dungeons, and earning Honor in PvP with Rated. This is a new mechanic included with the WoW TBC Classic expansion which replaces and improves upon Bonus Rolls.

If they complete all required activities, at least once per week following maintenance after maintenance, they are able to enter to the Great Vault and select their reward. Players will find in the Great Vault in Oribos. The loot they can choose from often corresponds on the challenge of the raid, number of Mythic dungeons conquered, and the number of honor points they earn in PvP. Find out how to access the Great Vault and receive better rewards in World of Warcraft: WoW TBC Classic.

Players will find the Great Vault inside Oribos which is the central hub of The WoW TBC Classic expansion. This is located in the Hall of Holding at coordinates 65.0. 29.3. The specific location is the Great Vault within the Ring of Fates section of the Hall of Shapes. The hall is where they will meet the professionals trainers. Players should make sure to go to this area every week after maintenance or during the weekly reset to take advantage of their reward. They will need to unlock the Great Vault via a quest chain before they can access it. The first time that a user gets access to the Vault they will be granted Legendary powers for their chosen class. These are used to craft Legendary Armor and items.

Players will be able to add reward items for the Great Vault by completing their weekly objectives. Every week, they be required to complete three missions each in Raids, Mythic Dungeons, and PvP matches. In Raids players will be able to defeat up to three Castle Nathria bosses to earn one item in the Great Vault. The players can increase the amount of items available by taking on seven or ten Raid bosses instead. The reward item level corresponds to the difficulty of the Raid.

In Mythic Dungeons need to complete one to unlock one item from the Great Vault each week, four to unlock two items, or ten before unlocking three. Similar to Raids in Raids, the level of rewards available is determined by the lowest level of the highest one four or ten completed dungeons completed for the week. In Rated PvP, players will require 1.250 Honor Points in order to gain access to one item from the Great Vault each week. They will need to earn 2.500 Honor points for two items and 6.250 HonorPoints to unlock the three items. The value of the reward items in the vault depends on the player's top bracket score for the week.

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