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  What is the Average Time It Takes to Write a Book

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Recently, an aspiring author called me to inquire about writing coaching to help him with his book. He inquired about hiring a freelance ghostwriter. I am all for writing my book myself. Too many people have hired ghostwriters, and they've disappointed me. Even the most intelligent people can create an engaging, compelling style with the help of a coach or editor. The only reasons to hire a ghostwriter is if you've gotten solid expert help and you still can't write or you just don't have the time. [url=www.soyouwanttowrite.com]get more info[/url]
This person didn't have much time. His question was critical. Was he able to find the time and energy to write his book. Writing a book can be a tedious task. But I'm aware of people who have completed books in a matter weeks. My book writing classes have some students who can finish their first draft within eight to ten week. Some never finish at all; others can take months to write their book. Writing a book as quickly as eight weeks assumes that either you don't need to do much research for the book, or you write your first draft without doing much research and then you do the research afterward (or have someone else do some of the research for you).
A faster book will be written. It is important to spend time prior to writing. This includes clarifying your goals and market, your audience or market, your book concept, tone, features, how your book fits into the existing literature, and your outline. How fast you write a book also depends on how much time you commit per week. It doesn't necessarily mean you will be able write your book in the same time frame as someone who works full-time. Sometimes the people with demanding jobs are the best at making the most of the 30 or 90 minutes a day they devote to writing a book. [url=www.soyouwanttowrite.com]I want to write[/url]
While I don't know how long it will take, I do know that people who consistently schedule writing appointments in their calendars are able to predict when they will finish their first draft. This is often with the help of a book buddy, coach, or book class. The proud author completed his book in record time. And he claims he didn't hire a ghostwriter. If you are wondering how long it takes to write a book, I recommend you spend some time clarifying the market and the book concept, then outline the book and then continue to write for 2 to 3 weeks. It will amaze you how much you achieve if your weekly commitment is consistent. You should then be able estimate how long it will take to write your book.

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