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  How to get to Stormveil Castle

Date Sunday, June 5th 2022, 6:36 AM; Icon 128; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

Stormveil Castle will be the first Legacy Dungeon you can encounter in Elden Ring, and contains many dangers and difficulties, along with a demigod-type boss. This page will contain the walkthrough as well as instructions on how to enter Stormveil Castle, all the treasures and items that could be found inside, as well as helpful tips for exploring the dungeon and strategies for defeating the frightful bosses.

How to get to Stormveil Castle.The Legacy Dungeon Stormveil Castle is simple enough to locate since you will be able to spot it on the cliffs after you exit the dungeon that you were in for the tutorial at the Stranded Graveyard and enter Limgrave. It's a different matter.

If you take the road to the east, you can enter the massive Storm Gate, but be prepared for a host of Godrick Soldiers and Crossbowmen waiting behind barricades. During the process, an huge Stonedigger Troll swoops down from an abyss above the small canyon to ambush you. It's an intense fight and you'll want to bypass it either by racing through on Torrent and then traveling slightly further East to locate the Spiritspring Jumping point to jump onto Storm Hill.

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