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  Loose your chat screen this was a issue.

Date Wednesday, March 31st 2021, 4:14 AM; Icon 10; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

You pull a bow out and you put 4 arrows on it. They catch fire and you shoot them in the sky. You receive the rod from your lumby teleport. You take a bolt of lightning to the air and it blows up.

I dont want folks to rate this proposal from my skill cape tips, but the hints for the emotes for combat skills. Just not to make people mad... I MIGHT indicate ones. I dont know if I can nevertheless so please, what do you think of this idea?

Ok, this proposal is rather straightforward but I think it would make a big difference so far as aggravation is worried. But let me tell a story: If you have not completed the quest One Small Favor yet there's a part where you have to speak to the gnome on wolf mountain. When you talk to him it starts a long talk about some new kind of rope. The one problem? White wolfs. Right beside the gnome that's level 73 which can auto attack you. Since I had been wearing my trusty complete rune I'd have had no problem holding off the wolf for the conversation, but since every single time you get assaulted you

Loose your chat screen this was a issue. Happily for me was a nice man there who kept killing the wolf for me so that I could speak with the gnome. Problem: It's very annoying to be talking to some man and subsequently be auto-attacked by a monster and have to start the dialogue over. Make it so you don't loose you talk when a monster attacks you. I believe it would be very easy to notice a monster attacking you and manually close the box to kill the monster. (I don't actually like this one but it may work) Make it so you maintain your place in the dialogue after you exit. The only way to reset the dialogue is to select a dialogue ending thing to say. (ei,"no thanks" or"goodbye") (provided by Sparhawke) Make it so aggressive creatures can't get near vital quest npcs.
The details of the game information in www.winrsgold.com

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