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  Soooo, under the present system

Date Tuesday, March 23rd 2021, 5:35 AM; Icon 8; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

Okay, so I am trolling the marketplace threads in Sal's and in tipit (I only use them to the current market, do not call me a traitor!) And I see that this fantastic deal on some thing. Fabulous, I will just jump on RS, include the seller, and coordinate to make the deal, right? But there's a hitch, as usual. The thread has been posted and the vendor has gone to bed.

Soooo, under the present system, many deals that we discover about the forums and accept there scarcely ever occur because of conflicting times and such. How many times has that happened to you? My idea is simple: a'Trade Mailbox' tab, added to a bank. How it'd work is like this. Say I want to purchase 1k deaths from'imnotanoob32' for 300k. I'd first add'imnotanoob32' for my friendlist. Then I'd place 300k in my trade mailbox, and insert'imnotanoob32' into my commerce box (explained later). I would also put what I needed (1k deaths) to his box.

When imnotanoob32 logs later, he adds me (wiltingplant) to his friendlist. He then puts 1k deaths into his commerce mailbox and provides me to his commerce box. He places what he desired (300k) within my box. He sees that we have exactly what we asked for, and also the trade is completed without ever meeting the other player.

If you want to know more about RS, you can visit www.rsgoldfast.com

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