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  Go back to clock tower with RuneScape

Date Monday, March 22nd 2021, 6:52 AM; Icon 6; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

Go back to clock tower with your zamrock robes along with the abbot will inform you that an amulet is required to prevent this result. Ask him where you can locate this amulet and he will say zamrock smashed it at the 3rd war. It'll be scattered throughout the property of gleinor. You go look for this.

As you approach the heroes guild a cutscene will start, you find the observatory being attacked by goblins. Speak to heroes quest starter, she will ask why you're worried, ask if she knows about the amulet, She does not and then ask if she cann get you into the observatory fast. She'll give you a dragon stone shard, dip it in the fountain of heroes and you consider the proffesor. Dip it but beforew you do be sure that you have lots of foof as well as baskets. You'll have to fight a lot of goblins, a level 82 goblin warfare cheif along with a levle 123 Zamrock Telepathic (dismisses your prayer). Arrive from the observatory and you also speak to an assistant who's tied up.

Use your knife to set him free and he'll let you know that the goblins have attacked the observatory, but've blocked the way, maybe one has an explosive, plus a strange figure may control individuals, do not listen to him. . If it reachs 0 you'll have to start the cave . First kill goblins till one drops"nasty volatile". Now run to the ladder that's concealed by stones, get a tinderbox in the spawn and light it. To kill the warcheif and select up ear plugs, you have to take themthese will prevent you being thrown out the tower by the zamrock.

Head up again to the telescope space, if you do not have earplugs then you're going to be pushed back down to fight with the warcheif again. Grab the Zamrock telephic and Speak with the proffesor. He'll say how thankful he is and then ask him about the amulet. He will say you could use a magic telescope to locate it, deliver him 1 of each elemental rune, 5 cosmics and one molten glass. Bring him the materials and he wil give you"magic extent", trigger it and also three cutscenes will accompany. The first is the monk setting off into the south west, one of them carries a little the amulet around his neck. They're on whitewolf mountain. The second is that the amulet at the mind of a guthix statue. The final is held by the mad Prophet...

First visit the mad prophet and wear your zamrock robes, he will take you to a brotherhood meeting. Now you must answer questions regarding Zamrock, there are five, should you get 3 wrong you will be attack in a multi combat zone by 5 level 40s and 1 level 78. You're able to escape in the teleporter from the corner to test again. Should you kill the gain you will get the amulet piece. The queries are.

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