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  Is the pursuit really?

Date Tuesday, February 23rd 2021, 7:54 AM; Icon 5; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

As for me, I ignore people or even frnds who beg for cash. . But when people who only come upto me and inquire the way to slay/summon or the such, and I take them to the desired places and teach em there, they're thankfull, so they are real noobs.

Then I give em something little. . Like in the Selection of 100k-500k. . . He told me became my current best frnd on rs, also gave me full rune+1m cash... Ive never begged in my entire life on rs, also ive recived over 10mil gp in"gifts" from random people who helped me more with their frndships, than cash. . Keep in mind, ive just been mem for about 5-6 months. .

Two days ago, my wealthiest frnd on rs (22 BIL bank) (also my dg spouse ) lent me 6mil therefore I could purchase Ags (had 33mil, and the 6m he gave got me enough to purchase ags to get 38m, and have 1m leftover for praypots) and told me to pay it bk whenever. Alrdy made an extra 1m because, and should be able to pay him bk at the end of the week. Basicly, 1m isn't much more than an hrs worth of work. . And I earn around 800k-1m in 5mins daily with dailies. And no, most beggers get nothing. . . Even though rare.

Tell me how long these levels might take and the way I need to reach them. Also, In FOG, my cousin was getting just like 11 tokens and 10 rating... while when I played with before, I didn't get alot. Did FOG change? He obtained that much when he'd like 1.2K Charges as well as the Guy had like 100. Dunno bout FOG, however, posted abt the abilities next to em in ()'s.

Let's us to read OSRS gold information on www.rsgoldfast.com

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