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  Everyone has given you the best information

Date Wednesday, February 17th 2021, 4:18 AM; Icon 8; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

Everyone has given you the best information, except for two items. I believe that an amulet of electricity would be much better than power, as it boosts you accuracy and defence. A short sword will conquer a scimitar against dragons, that are feeble to stab strikes. I wanted to mention this too, though I forgot that he'd want the extra atk in his lvl, and yeah, dragons are rlly weak to stab (was trying to think about an f2p stab wep, but cudn't lol).

If u do use a rune sword be sure to get it set to a stab atk btw. Its still slower and weaker than a scimmy, on the plus side, u might strike more frequently, and its cheaper. But do not, u rllly don't need prayer to kill elvarg.

Oh, also, when ur performing melzar's maze for part of the map to crandor, it wud be best to safe spot the Demon (80+ cb) with mage, so bring together with a 100 chaos runes, with an air staff, along with elemental runes, or draw 150ish mind runes, together with air staff and the very best elemental runes tht u can utilize. (if ur using mind runes, utilize atleast the fire attack spell, as the lower ones may really do lower dmg than the lower demon's hp regen rate. I personally didn't understand what I was up against, and needed to melee it, bk when I had been doing the pursuit.

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