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  I know that the ss is recommended for training

Date Monday, February 1st 2021, 5:13 AM; Icon 18; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

I am 100k exp out of 99 woodcutting and I was just going to get a Saradomin sword. But I figured I might as well earn a subject on this and see what every ones perspectives are, on whether I should get the ss, or even a bgs way they are both in the exact same price range today. I've a whip and dragon defender right now, but I can not train strength together and that I prefer 2h weapons anyways. And I struck pretty much exactly the same with a ss as I do using the whip anyways.

Means I am only about the purchase 99 woodcutting I am sick of doing things, so I am likely going to do a little bit of pvp related mini-games. Much like clan wars. I have never actually"grinded" and only did what ever I wanted to. So I'm going mad from woodcutting for months on end. Nothing better to do following grinding afterward to kill off each other.

I know that the ss is recommended for training, but then the bgs is more for supervisors and pking. I am guessing this will turn into the ss, but like I said I haven't posted in some time and needed a justification to post again:D And likely with my levels not being over 80 this will go to ss . however, it won't hurt to begin a conversation. After I get the last 100k exp at woodcutting that I am going to earn some money in blue dragons using the whip for a little while. Thanks, and in case you have a different suggestion of weapon just tell me.

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