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  The helm and skirt supply the maximum defense

Date Thursday, January 28th 2021, 7:29 AM; Icon 20; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

I strove to keep the armour so it's not overly pricey, such as a Divine Spirit Shield would be the ideal shield to use but not everyone may even afford that. Hope this helped, if you want an inventory only ask. Usually it is not too hard to figure that one out.

Which barrows should get torags or even guthans? Both are cheap for me. Also since I'm opting for a barrows set should I stop working towards a fighter torso? Also what should I do with my monster platelegs and rune platebody?

If you'd like a barrows set, I would recommend Veracs. The helm and skirt supply the maximum defense for their respective positions (of the barrows armours) while the brassard is a little weaker than Torag's, Guthan's or Dharok's plates.

Now, I know you already have Dragon Legs and you're aiming to get a fighter chest so what I would recommend for you to do would be to keep those as your principal armour, but possess a Guthan's set with you to use it's special attack as a recovery mechanism. This way your main armour set will be non-degradable and offensive friendly (torso offers strength bonus unlike barrows). Also keep in mind that aside from Dharok's and Verac's in some scenarios, other Barrows collections (including the weapon) are unworthy.

So the best 3 choices for you in my view: 1. Verac's skirt/Dragon Legs with Fighter torso and Abyssal Whip/Dragon Defender (you can have a Guthan's place to cure you in addition to this). 2. This supplies high defense but for most situations it's nearly redundant as you don't get hit much anyways. 3. Verac's Brassard and Skirt along with whip. The full set may be used for specific activities including Kalphite queen and barrows or PvP.
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