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  Which give buffs for Buy OSRS gold

Date Monday, January 25th 2021, 7:48 AM; Icon 28; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

Loyalty Points mostly give makeup like outfits, recolors, names, and emotes, but they also get Auras, which give buffs for a duration and then go on cooldown. Auras have their own equipment slot and can be BiS for PvM and Skilling. Oh, and they also did a few cosmetic exclusive to membership cards or bundles; not certain if they still do them.

Treasure Hunter Keys (loot boxes), RuneCoins for Solomon's store (cosmetics, pets, bank space, extra ability bars), RuneMetrics (loot and xp monitoring ), buying progress for sport events (cosmetics). Events are structured so you usually cannot get all the rewards without spending money or grinding an ungodly number of hours in a short period.(www.rsgoldfast.com)

I'd argue it is in its absolute worst currently. It is especially bad when the promotion Yak Track comes around. The Yak Track was supposed to be the alternative to the uncontrolled Treasure Hunter promos which Jagex runs, but the past few have mistreated people's FOMO and makes the challenges ridiculously dull to strongarm them to large action skips with Bonds.

I only play Ironman mode there, but I heard is they went back on the promise of Yak Track replacing TH promos and so are biking them like normal even if the Tracks are running.That's only ONE example.

It doesn't affect me much, since I play Ironman manner, but because it sounds Jagex is cashing in on purely MTX now, it's getting in the way of suitable game updates and is continuing to bleed the game out quicker.
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