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  Matters that may enhance your hunter experience

Date Tuesday, January 19th 2021, 4:26 AM; Icon 22; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

Matters that may enhance your hunter experience. If you're planning to rise up your own hunter level as quickly as you can there are few items and quests which can help you speed up this process. Leveling in Runescape does not need to be hard!

This will improve traveling quality because the majority of the hunting locations are near those rings. You might also want to get Weight-reducing clothing since there will be a lot of running involved with leveling Hunter. This type of equipment will lower player's weight which will effect in more lasting stamina.

I tryed that the choclate bar thing and the granite thing and they were not very great. I kill gloomy drags at heros guild and I will get an entire invy. Any idea how I can earn money? Also where's the ideal spot to kill any sort of drags? Also, maybe I can kill them at the location because dungeon for your hero's pursuit (Not the guild I kill them the place where you fish the eel's.) And also where is the best spot to kill reds? I believe that the hides are just like the bones so that will go very quick.

It'll be hard for anyone to offer you great advice with no own stats. From what I hear though: Greens - Wear inexpensive gear, kill them in level 13 wilderness ~north-west of Edgeville for those who must (just try and find an empty world), deliver a teletab. Blue - There is always competition in the Taverly dungeon now (the one you were talking about fishing the eels out of ). However the source dungeon in there's ~5-6 Blue Dragon spawns and isn't very crowded. Personally, I kill blue dragons here, but it will need at least 60 dungeoneering.

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