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  Location-based sound is being inserted for Madden 21

Date Wednesday, January 13th 2021, 10:35 AM; Icon 30; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

Along with the outward appearance of the player bodies, the next gen consoles have also opened up opportunities to update our render skeleton to better demonstrate secondary body motions and real life muscle deformations." The level of detail and depth extends all of the way to how a participant's arms and legs muscles moves on the area depending on the action they are doing.

Location-based sound is also being inserted for Madden 21 on PS5 and Xbox collection X."Utilizing audience positioning data that offers one-to-one fidelity of crowd members in the racks, we are able to accurately put cone outputs utilizing spatialization effects and exact orientation," EA stated. This means you'll hear the impact of spatialized sound FX, particularly in the huddle and when the crowd roars." The additional horsepower of the PS5 and Xbox collection X also allow Madden 21's various weather effects to seem more realistic. In heavy rain, water will float on the sidelines, while snow will probably appear more realistic. These new weather effects will influence how a player's jersey looks, depending upon the surroundings.

"We can leave 10-times more contaminants while keeping our game running at 60 FPS," EA said. "The real-time surface and substance shaders are updated to fully utilize the higher processing power of the CPU and GPU to represent surfaces that respond to weather. See new rain and snow impacts specifically on jerseys and helmets where it impacts the cloths and sideline floors." Madden 21's PS5 variant will use the DualSense control's haptic feedback to make the game feel much more lifelike. Examples which EA provided included how the control will give you a warning through its rumbling when a linebacker is rushing you or the feeling of the ball landing in your palms after a significant catch.

"Feedback can be sent to each hand individually to let you feel what the players believe on the area," EA said. "With the use of flexible activates, users feel resistance on the cause to give opinions on a participant breaking a handle or running low on endurance." Ultimately, gamers will be able to leave the area and observe from the crowd in 13 of the NFL's 32 stadiums--you can see the entire list.

Madden NFL 21 starts for PS5 and Xbox Series X on December 4. Everyone who purchased the game on PS4 or Xbox One can find a free update on PS5 or Xbox Series X. Alternatively, EA will offer a standalone version of Madden 21 for PS5 and Xbox collection X for $70 USD, which signifies EA's first next-gen game together with the $10 cost increase. Madden 21 will be dismissed on Black Friday, but you don't need to wait until then, as many retailers are already offering the title for under $30.

Want to learn more about Madden NFL 21 at www.mmoexp.com

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