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  Yes but you can still play that game and revel in the money you spent

Date Thursday, December 10th 2020, 12:55 PM; Icon 32; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

So we'll be getting some sort of repayment for the money we spent on madden money that will be lost? Being forced to spend the money on matters that don't particularly interest me at the moment since the only other option is to shed it does not sit well together and I am sure the same could be said for many others. I can say for sure that if some sort of compensation going into next year is not at the works, I refuse to invest in this game moving forward. This is not a good choice and the excuse that"it isn't possible with the new app" seems like a cop out, especially since EA has a fairly good record of doing shitty things. This is fairly standard that the things you pay real cash for don't carry over from year to year.

And I can also go back and play those matches and use the money that I spent on this game. This is a wholly new program, without the ability to go back and play this season and spend the money I spent money on. Do you whine when they cease updating and providing you with new things to purchase in the old games? Therefore, while it's possible to spend your money still, why were not you spending it on the same things as it had been the current version? Madden Cash has always transferred from year to year. If that wasn't likely to occur this season, over 6 months notice would have been fine. Folks have been stockpiling their own MC as there's been no good reason since Ultimate Freeze to use the MC. Now they are made to use money purchased with REAL MONEY on something they may not want. Its like using a Donation Card in a store that is going out of business only so it will not go to waste.

Right, but people do not whine about not having the ability to use that gift card at another shop. No offense, but why can you continue to spend real money throughout the last six months if there has been nothing rewarding? And the"but that's how it's always been" debate is the worst. Nobody is asking to use the Madden Cash on a different game. They are wanting to use MADDEN cash on another MADDEN game. Best Buy can't legally shut their doors and say"We're opening up in 4 months as Best Buy 2.0, so use all of your gift cards because they'll no longer be valid since we're no longer Best Buy". Console Madden doesn't just allow you to update the current edition to the new edition, you have to buy that, even though it's basically only a gigantic upgrade.

Yes but you can still play that game and revel in the money you spent. The servers will shut down for this match. I am expecting that will be the case, but has it been confirmed? It's a new app, so they can possibly render a server for it. Nick confirmed that MM20 will continue to be playable for a while after MM21 comes out. Will there be legacy teams? Apparently not. Nothing transfers. This really is a complete catastrophe. Make it right EA.

Last chance for EA Madden after the MM20 Debacle.... I have been proudly using my 2015 logo for years. So upset it's going to be missing. If you're lucky you might have the ability to purchase it for $9.99 following season. How can you keep shit NOBODY FUCKING WANTS such as POWER, and you also take things away EVERYONE likes like season score and MC transferring. not even out yet. This is a significant step backward. Power is remaining and heritage teams and year score are all gone. Total bullshit. Fuck EA for a organization and fuck some of their workers who see that sub and do not attempt to fix the problems everyone has the game.

If you are interested, please click www.mmoexp.com

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