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  So sad to watch Echoes turned into EVE online II

Date Tuesday, November 10th 2020, 10:59 AM; Icon 6; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

I am very excited to announce that I am officially releasing the EVE Echoes Industry Calculator! I hope that you discover the sheet to be pretty self explanatory. All pricing advice for your sheet is pulled live from the EVE Echoes Market website. The majority of the helpful market information is conveniently located at the peak of the sheet. Including the current market price in addition to calculations for feasibility of selling the component via the marketplace or direct contract. Auto-calculation of part prices and projected market profitability. Calculations take into account all player driven abilities including reprocessing abilities, material efficiency, and ability based tax discounts.

Auto-calculation of ore numbers to mine for any component with two optimization schemes: Least amount of mining (lowest total ore volume in m3). Cheapest ore cost available on the industry. To use the sheet only change any of those summarized yellow values and observe as the sheet updates to supply you with the best market details! You may experience occasional mistakes using the sheet in case the EVE Echoes market is not readily available to retrieve market data. Usually when this happens you can simple wait for a couple of minutes, refresh the sheet and alter a value to recalculate and get things working.

I hope that you all find this incredibly useful (and rewarding!). Please don't hesitate to give me any feedback you've got in the remarks. NOTE: I advise making a private copy of the sheet. Numerous individuals editing the sheet at once will conflict with one another and cause unexpected results. UPDATE: I have made a new link to replicate the spreadsheet. People were able to make adjustments to my original link that broke the sheet. This will now produce a personal copy for you when you browse to it. It may take a moment for the calculations to work correctly when you first load the sheet since scripts require the time to load.

Looks useful and great, but it doesn't appear to work. Changing what to build in the dropdown doesn't alter the amount of resources needed.I also seemed a little into the cells showing ores needed. Those where hardcoded so that I guess someone edited them?The sheet should be read only so just OP can edit without even creating a copy.I repaired it within my own personal backup,put this formula in cell G14 and haul it on the remaining part of the mineral cells into the right to get the right quantities.

I fixed it in my own personal backup,put this formula in cell G14 and drag it over the rest of the mineral cells to the right to get the right amounts.I just madea copy of this sheet and please note that in the public copy someone added a room after teh word Tritanium which makes it where it doesn't match...gotta eliminate that distance if this formula wasn't functioning for you.I have submitted a new link into the dictionary that should hopefully work for everyone again.

Want to learn more about eve echoes at www.fastisk.com

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