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  Understand the entirety of wow classic gold

Date Thursday, October 29th 2020, 9:21 AM; Icon 9; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

And that you couldn't play another spec, let alone class.These don't seem like much, but thenyou understand the entirety of wow classic gold this first portion of your expansion was done doing MOS two, you realize they're pretty glaringproblems lol. Legion really didn't hit its stride until nicely through the growth, maybe a year in? Even then you couldn't reallysit back and"make a construct" (complete wep, distinct legendaries, etc) until the conclusion of the xpac.

I enjoyed legion butthere were lots of problems with it, particularly in the first half.BfA was unquestionably not amazing in lots of capacities, butgiven how every expansion has been treated in the past I'm eager to see how history gets revised for/against it.Balance at theBeginning and healer/tank equilibrium throuout was really awful and the first raid was kinda crap, but I agreeOH yeah and it washorrifically alt and even offspecc unfriendly.Ursoc I liked, I don't mind a straightforward brute force fight every now and then.

With a couple shadow priest surrendering and bypassing most of it made it rather bearable.And the biggest prune in the backgroundof WoW, and also the AP farming spamming Maw of Souls to acquire the required AP level, and AP being spec-specific, without acatchup at AK for about a year that made alt specs and alts all but impossible, and also the Suramar timegating.

And templates forPVP, and grinding honour on every character to unlock PVP talents, and the garbage Argus patch, along with timegating coursecampaign which was required for the next relic slot, along with also the Netherlight crucible, along with the best trinket for theentire expansion for a number of specs being in an RNG world boss. But yeah, Legion was fantastic.When I did not know better, I'dbelieve someone telling me bfa was the precursor to Legion.

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