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  I had been happy living in High Sec

Date Thursday, September 10th 2020, 6:04 AM; Icon 2; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

A hangar filled with doctrine ships was among my favourite things about my last trip to nullsec. The attractiveness of PvP in eve, for me, has always been that flexibility. You combine the donut that is gloomy and realise that noone has boats with matches they're not going to have SRP'd, and the fun drains. This hangar filled with doctrine ships is also probably around 2 bil. Which is a good deal of money for the typical dude.

I suppose the SRP procedure could be made better if corps agreed to do it for any boat that gets its value from killmails before getting popped. Either this, or corps should expand their doctrine to include ships that are enough to pay their asses. The point of SRP is to convince folks to come on boring fleets where they have a higher chance of losing their boat through no fault of their own. If people don't need to bother undocking arbitrary ships to acquire a fight and have fun, srp'ing their boats likely won't help much.

I had been happy living in High Sec, having access to the markets, anomalies, and PvP in sec. Then I decided to join a null sec alliance because"that's where the actual ISK is". The isk might be there alright, but it is also where Eve Echoes DIES. I had been bored to tears residing in null. Fuck that "end game". Live in Empire area, enjoy the convenience and freedom of doing what you want, and blow off boats in low. Alliances that are null that are big suck balls.

Let's us to read EVE Echoes ISK information on www.fastisk.com

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