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  It'S Not A Huge Deal' Or'Okay

Date Monday, September 7th 2020, 4:38 AM; Icon 5; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

Frankly, the"initial 99 following 50 decades of enjoying" and"X pet at only 100 XP!" Articles really ought to be tagged with some thing else than"achievement". I get it - it might be a significant milestone to somebody but that does not really make it an achievement from the current iteration of the match. Perhaps 12 years ago 99s would have been very impressive - that too in some of the slower abilities mainly - but at this point this sub is over-saturated with those posts. Along with the super RNG dependent, non XP/low KC pet articles really don't qualify as achievements either.

An achievement is something you just did, not something cool that happened to you . They ought to demonstrate effort. I want to see achievements which are still relevant today, not something which has been challenging once RS2 launched. Finished Master Clue Log following Masters? Awesome, share that. New boss world record? Showcase it. Hit 5. 6B or somehow completed"True Trim"? That's insane, you complete mad-man (or woman). But 99s are so common that the achievement tag just feels just like a misnomer. It's partially as a result of rampant MTX devaluing skilling and departing it devoid of items that may qualify as achievements in the current day but it's also due to game progression. Whatever the case, they need to be reclassified so that we could observe things which are really impressive today. I don't know how they could allow dogshit posts by the man who treats this website like tumblr, but not funny memes.

There was never any consensus about what constituted a"low-effort meme". Everyone had different views on what that was. I remember for a while the mods needed a hands-off strategy to any sort of low-effort articles and have been bombarded with requests to"cope with the spam". While that is a great point, the rule is being enforced. Failing to come up with consistant advice is not preventing that from occurring. All it is doing is making it harder to comprehend how to adhere to the rules.

When someone has their article removed and doesn't really understand why, or they believe they have been singled out since similar posts have been left alone, they are less likely to invest time into premium quality articles later on. This really works right contrary to the goal!Mods usually need guidance as far as customers do. It really makes their task easier because they could easily look at a post and instantly determine whether it warrants action, and a user may understand what justified action. That brings up a excellent point of discussion.

Check out www.rsgoldfast.com for more details.

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