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  I played with was NFL2K and that I preferred that to madden

Date Thursday, September 3rd 2020, 10:04 AM; Icon 6; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

Together with the coronavirus pandemic not subsiding any time soon, it appears unlikely that Rams fans will be allowed to see their staff at the $5 billion SoFi Stadium this season. And one type player shared a look that was great at SoFi Stadium and the Rams' new uniforms in the sport. The stadium looks complete with the ram head logo in midfield.

The Rams'"bone" uniforms have gotten compliments from fans up to this point, and yet another streamer uploaded a video of Rams-Falcons in"Madden 21" showing off the away uniforms. They look better than the all-royal set, particularly to the Falcons' new uniforms.

Even though the Rams will not be mixing and matching their uniforms this year -- in other words, no blue or yellow pants with all the bone decorations -- players will have the ability to in"Madden 21," which opens the door for chance. Obviously, other previous Rams uniforms and the throwbacks are also available if fans aren't crazy about the new appearance.

Franchise style is all that matters in a sports game and 2K MyLeague is your absolute pinnacle for that. Sure the styles are crap P2W, however, MyLeague is the best franchise mode at any sports game ever. Greater than Madden'02, together with the Texans expansion draft? They've expansion.

Could you describe to me the allure of franchise style? I just like to jump on and play against the computer or people on line. What am I overlooking? You get to manage the team. Instead of having a one off game you build your team and get to experience everything with them. Much more satisfying to win a Superbowl you played every game together and built from the ground up.

That is disappointing. The last 2k game I played with was NFL2K and that I preferred that to madden. I had. I really hoped to get a brand new NFL 2K match. 2K has hours of features more than Madden. I do not care that their microtransactions are worse (cause they are all bad) if the game is far better. Yeah, I really don't like EA with a biography, but it's better than a 2K monopoly.

There is a very cheap Madden NFL 21 Coins at www.mmoexp.com

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