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  Theme teams arent the issue

Date Monday, August 24th 2020, 5:12 AM; Icon 7; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

You're right that it is crucial for the teams that want love. The should make an attempt to fill gaps on subject teams. Not with 95 players at every situation, however higher in most or elites will be fine. 1 way to help this would be to make every player's base card a card. Boosts for players that deserve them, even if they're offensive linemen or *gasp kickers and punters.

I've been wanting this equilibrium for some time. EA has ta find a way to balance additionally and known for rate recipients vs regular recipients pocket passers vs scramblers. Nobody is currently using the rapid guys when people like Calvin can get 99 speed. And nobody is using Peyton if the same but actually scramble can throw. In this month I've developed frustrated with defending the roll throws and having to outwit meta blitz-player's wave's. I don't understand why the capacity for to 99 like halloween candy is being thrown out by EA. It destroys the ethics of what we buy the game to get, just the game of football. Scheming actually and when calling plays that are creative holds its disheartening, no value.

Theme teams arent the issue. The issue is everyones desire to succeed at any cost. Spamming meta play, getting meta players, and guess running meta theme groups. I conduct a cowboys tt 96 92 d no cards. So I just jump ahead im way to lazy to scheme and get shredded. Casual gambling has gone out the window. Every match is a job for people. Are you playing the sport? You don't have any clue what OP is talking 17, because if you are playing. Maybe not ALL theme teams are overpowered. But proceed with Clowney, Byron Jones & NTL, against a 49ers theme team. It is a disadvantage for those who didn't invest in motif teams on or those of us that don't wanna need to guess & pray EA does not leave staff outta a promo.

They're shouldn't be fucking. Keep those booked for linemen. Best end cards meta unless they really played for that team cards should not be encouraged by theme teams. How simple is that? Its a match its intended to be enjoyable. If winning is the only way to have fun for you im not getting into these arguments. There's more than one type of madden fan, which explains why there's just another modes. Fun for others, should not mean less for players like me. I can see with a bunch of OP players and your team added together could be fun when you're playing casually.

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