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  After his season ended that he was free to come to the NBA

Date Friday, August 21st 2020, 4:18 AM; Icon 5; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

You're right, S&T will be the principal way teams acquire players this season so it would be nice if they might include it. And I don't think you'd utilize it only in MyLeague/GM, you can roll out in MyCareer. I really don't play MyCareer so that the cap might not relate to how you can sign with teams, but when it is cap related you might opt to do a S&T using a group that doesn't have cap space rather than be confined to only teams who have space. Can not have no commerce logic tho. You could get rid of bad contracts and players that were poor. That would be the hang up I'd guess. It's already easy to get rid of big contacts. Hope that find something tho. I think that it'll be larger.

Smarter and more challenging team administration to CPU. They should be looking for better in one form of fashion or the other with every movement, every registering, every transaction offer. I know NBA 2K21 has the Contending, Rebuilding, etc. monikers, but they so very seldom actually comply with that. For instance, that the Spurs are rebuilding in-game however they refuse to exchange DeRozan. I know in real life they didn't trade himbut if someone comes with a fantastic offer they'd move him no matter his age. In 2Khe is 34 years old and they're on pace for like 30 wins but since his general is like 88 they do not move him. That's a scenario but I have seen it happen a whole lot.

Implement'Playing in Europe' as an option as is the case with'Euro-Stash' players. Instead of staying unsigned fringe/unsigned NBA players could sign contracts in Europe/China/abroad. Can help even though he has a 3-year deal. What is the difference between being stashed in Europe and playing in Europe? Not OP, however, the difference could be that Euro-Stash are under staff control, while Playing in Europe, in his case Mirotic, they are under contract with another team in Europe.

After his season ended that he was free to come to the NBA. So a Playing in X option are the participant looks in the FA pool but it would say,"Playing China, eligible to signal on March 1." That means you can't go out and sign the player immediately but would have to wait patiently until that date to signal them. Looking at it, it certainly adds immersion but in NBA 2K21 at which the NBA is the only playable league it does not make a lot of sense except for the people who really really love those intricacies (that may be a lot of people, but likely not the folks 2K tends to market NBA 2K21 towards).

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