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Date Wednesday, August 19th 2020, 6:25 AM; Icon 7; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

LeBron's a beast if you use him to improve this. I give him the ball breaks and set him picks, and he is nearly unstoppable. Different from game to game I guess., I play with as pg, I will pass to LeBron out of a inbound and as soon I I pa's half court he will pass back to me.Yeah, I play with a Center so it'll be different to get a PG. I do ordinary 9 assists too, mostly to LeBron. I found that this method where if I predict a pick with LeBron (or some other player), that when his defender defends in a certain way, I can press & hold Y to make LeBron cut into the basket and he'll have an easy bucket. Simple method for me to make sure he receives points.

I truly hope they improve the playoff atmosphere, and how the crowd reacts to big plays, whenever I play at the playoffs, the audience is the long cheering soudbite as regular season matches. Say to initiate a game, I get a steal and turn it into a break jam to start NBA 2K21 off. Within an NBA playoff game, particularly in the conference finals and finals, The crowd would EXPLODE in cheers. Same is true to get a close game late in the 4th qtr, if you hit a go head 3 pointer with less than 5 remaining, or even a buzzer beater, the crowd should move off, right off the bat, not merely a couple"oh yeah that is cool" type cheers.

Anybody who plays with MyCareer knows what I am talking about. The lack of a playoff air requires the pleasure out of playoff games. There should also be something during the offseason which lets you know who had been exchanged, which free agents signed, and that retired, to that which MLB The Show will very similar. The show lets you know what players retired, which is much easier than going through every NBA lineup to find out if a player like LeBron retired or not. Can we fix the frame rate and the wait for the dip contest/three point contest? Because there's always a delay between me releasing the pole and the shooter meter quitting, I am tired of dropping three stage contests.

Should you edit your rotations then a player becomes injured or returns from injury, it resets back the rotations to the default. I believe NBA 2K21 should alert you when this is about to occur that you have a opportunity to reset your rotations back to you want them. To spare some typing, here is what I said about this in a post I left, until I knew about this thread: The player standing normally gets updated once I start a new game (I shall check my rotation along with also the injured player is recorded as'day-to-day', then begin NBA 2K21, then he will appear fully fit in NBA 2K21 using another rotation to the one I setup ).

Check out www.nba2king.com for more details.

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