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Date Thursday, August 6th 2020, 7:49 AM; Icon 57; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

On the WFH front, your situation is the same for some others here in Jagex also, but maybe not for many (especially those with kids or less than ideal work environments). We've got internal Wellness surveys which people respond to along with Production Estimates which have shown the gradual decrease in productivity - final quote was over 30% down. I could say I not working and more taxed. It's a tough situation for many.

On permanent or temporary approach: This is an adaptation to our scenario at the moment. We wish to go back to those massive Archaeology sized content strikes later on. That said, if this approach is popular, I can't imagine we would not take cues from that in our post remote-working plans. To the stuff we declared at Runefest - which were mostly all big pieces of content: This refers on the plan. The timeline for Desperate Measures is a prime example of that length of time things take at our productivity.

We declared Orthen is still in <a href="www.winrsgold.com gold</a> the works today and that - more long duration - EGWD has. The target is to deliver purposeful Small and moderate additive content more often (such as the upcoming Alchemical stuff we discussed today), together with occasional hits of larger content (something such as Orthen). Concerning that cadence or dates for larger content hits, we've got plans on how often we would like that to be but it is not something that we're in a place to communicate now. As we get in the rhythm of this new manufacturing approach, we will start to construct a more consistent image and speak timelines in a bit more confidence.

I will believe it when I see it. Jagex has had a history of saying the ideal things, getting folks hyped not providing what they said they were planning to deliver. Community complains, the ideal things are finally said by Jagex, claims things will change, people become hyped, then they under deliver. Repeat. Warden asserting stay tuned to your roadmap at January!!! and to be more transparent We have nothing and he has finally said no roadmap is coming.

We're currently getting updates, arch is great and all, but it was the January update that came in April. What about these 3 months? How about these patch weeks? The pursuit was announced by you, kind of needed to with the players that were miserable. Telling us Gwd3 is in development isn't an upgrade. It's was in development for months, until some mod stated it is in design stage in a twitter article. I'm done using the words. Show us you are shifting and we're going to <a href="www.winrsgold.com RS gold</a> believe it. Jagex includes a steep road to climb, although I get it you weren't here for it all.

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