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  I Believe Jmods Will Need To Look

Date Tuesday, August 4th 2020, 12:01 PM; Icon 8; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

It's possible to divide the revenue from subscriptions based on the percent the player plays with each game easily. This is like company 101. Just because a business is selling something which allows you to do multiple items (believe Amazon prime, or RuneScape membership) doesn't mean that they aren't monitoring which of these goods the client is using the maximum, and where that money ought to be attributed. I also gave RS3 all the MTX earnings so your next point is moot. I actually again am not sure this is the situation. Whilst RS3 was on a downward tendency in popularity OSRS exploded from 2017 to 2018. In this exact same period the MTX earnings dropped, so despite so many more OSRS players to buy bonds and increase the OSRS market share of that category of earnings, the whole pie fell because of RS3 stumbling.

OSRS team is more competent in regions with a team size. Sucks to see from the side of things, but one game is treated well I guess. Only 1 of 3 Runefest Reveals has been delivered after 8months... do not tell me RS3 team should learn from it. I am not talking about that aspect, I'm talking from the RS3 group, which is the thread subject. I understand you'll shield the RS3 team no matter what, found it countless times out of you especially, but you can't tell me that the way we get shit conveyed to us is fine.

If you said you read my other articles then you should be aware of the communication from RS3 is there, just that some people (perhaps you included) refused to admit it I explicitly quoted the sources out of livestreams and reddit articles. No, I watched the livestream round-ups, half one was about ninja updates that we had and another was speaking about the way they made archaeology. That is neat, but it's not giving me any indication of what bigger projects they're working on and the progress they've made on said projects.That's simply because Livestream Roundup is a once weekly transcript. If you look up the Roundups out of a few weeks back you will see Core experience, Ninja Dojo, PAG, TH, Shattered World etc.. And don't forget in the livestream this afternoon, they revealed that the quest is Desperate Measures.

Is there a reason why those get posted over two months after the livestream occurs? Can they never catch up and only fall behind at one point? Sounds strange. I will say, some of those are decent, though most are talking about things that happened. However, you gotta admit that it'd be good to have all this information consolidated to a post, especially for people not interested in all the extra livestream activities.I think it is since the Roundups were added recently. They didn't have that. They are stil currently catching up with all the elderly livestreams.

Check out www.rsgoldfast.com for more details.

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