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  Warriors who won't tank - I'm a warrio

Date Saturday, August 1st 2020, 5:03 AM; Icon 7; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

I find that I often have a need for single items, so I'm grateful people do do so. That being said, who the hell puts a linen cloth? lol. This way, they're in a central place and can keep a watch out for the LFG channels to see if there is any dungeon runs popping up in Puggle that they might be considering. Hey now! Leave those piggies alone. They're living a good life being a hunter pet rather than someone's meal.

Warriors who won't tank - I'm a warrior. That is literally the ONE thing our course can do a rogue can't, and they've greater threat direction for dps. WOW Classic hunters have the worst climbing in WOW Classic, meaning that Stat stick is more useful on literally anyone else. And it is not only a stat stick when a melee dps is utilizing it. Occasionally, that new weapon would cause the melee participant to change their whole spec.

On WOW Classic seekers I generally agree but I really do believe there are a few exceptions in which things are greatest or most acceptable on WOW Classic hunters vs anyone else. I feel like polearms are practically only helpful on WOW Classic hunters for example. On alliance unwanted pretty much nobody other than a hunter should want bone slicing hatchet, which also appears to be among the realistic BiS options. I'd assert barbarous sword is in a similar position, though that is soloable. I also can not imagine who could actually utilize warmonger. Maybe some swords and daggers open up, although for horde side because of axes I am not sure what the best hunter choices are there.

Hunter prebis and bis are bone slicing hatchet x 2 and Warblade of the Hakkari MH / Fang of the Faceless, respectively. Nobody else wants bone slicing hatchet. Fang might be needed by rogues, but most don't. Fury warriors want warblade longer if they are not orc or human and don't have Edgemasters, but there is no guarantee they will find the offhand. In general, hunter weapons are pretty simple to acquire at the phase. But it's not like it matters that which a hunter gets in their weapon slots anyway. The actual dps difference between having BiS weapons and having ok weapons for a Hunter is minimal. It vanity than anything.

Anyone who considers Dal Rends to be BiS on a hunter needs to reconsider. The gap between that and BSHx2 is tiny, and no group in their right mind if going when a rogue or warrior needs to let a hunter roll. WOW Classic hunters need to be able to roll on any weapon that dps don't want, and nothing that melee dps do want. But guilds ought to have an alt policy so that, once you're playing an alt, you don't have to roll that any main needs. That's the only way.

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