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  Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst days + Lots of MMOs

Date Friday, July 31st 2020, 10:59 AM; Icon 4; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

Microsoft is not the publisher, how a global launch is managed will ultimately be up to SEGA of Japan are the ones running the servers remotely using MS Azure, communication with the Community Team and the ones developing content, clients etc.. Aside from that, yea, what you just said is exactly what I had tried communicating whenever folks bring up whether data can be transferred... when it comes to digital games there is no reason for it NOT to be the same client having access to the very same servers just like literally past Phantasy Star games or even the vast majority of MMOs which don't have their Western release licensed to separate NA and EU distributors.

Perhaps if we're lucky we may end up having Ships 4-6 utilized for EU like you mentioned; then making PSO2 be the initial PSO game since PSO on Gamecube to possess regional server options (Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst and Phantasy Star Universe was available in NA and EU but just had NA servers). For instance as a german PlayAsia blocks buys of US Xbox Cards for me personally citing:"We regret to tell you that we cannot continue with your order as the thing you are trying to purchase is restricted. Please and contact us we'll look into this."

That's nothing to do with being in Germany, and everything to do with your confirmation. I reside in the united kingdom and have the same message as well.Well initial thing, thank you for the advice, I'll give it a go. Sure it is wrong, but wouldn't it help if it would be higher up so other can learn you could unlock purchasing cards by calling the customer service rather than burying this information?

I would not be shocked if Challenge Mode gets added as filler Ep3 stuff tbh, as we only have PD + TD4. Chances are we won't be caught up till at least like, q2 2021. Begin of ep6 and things will probably have to start being taken slower by ending of ep5, and we are going to have etoile + gunslash successor to get. Not to mention stuff and seasonals we don't have. A few of those weapons require some time to get. I'm certainly eager for crafting. Couldn't play ranger without my crafts from JP. BIG question Why are we gonna get Lilliparium drops to prep for crafting?? Because how the hell are we all likely to level crafting without them at any decent speed.

Lets hope Steam release replaces gameguard with VAC, because holy fuck that malware of a"you cant play despite no unsuitable apps in error log files and nprotect support tells you to turn off gambling services and xbox program services REQUIRED TO BLOODY RUN Phantasy Star Online 2" piece of shit can rot.Don't rely on it... SEGA's been loyal to GameGuard ever since Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst days + Lots of MMOs on Steam do still use third party anti-cheat applications like Xigncode and that sort of thing. The ideal chance to have gotten rid of this would have been on the MS shop but it appears through some hacky procedure or Microsoft creating an exception that they could implement it so... yea. Releasing on Steam is probably not going to change much.

More information about PSO2 in www.pso2ah.com

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