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  Fully customized integrated bathroom integrated

Date Friday, July 31st 2020, 10:39 AM; Icon 3; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

The overall price and supporting x109bcn of Weishi apartment always adhere to high quality, and the overall bathroom of Weishi apartment always adhere to customer priority. Weishi residential industry attaches great importance to the accumulation of core technology of the whole bathroom hotel. The whole bathroom of the company has its own intellectual property rights.

In the field of research and development and application of overall sanitary products, Beijing Weishi residential technology Co., Ltd. has established a long-term good friendship with its partners to ensure the technical content of overall sanitary products. Weishi residential engineering has developed a high cost-effective Weishi residential engineering by combining the overall sanitary charging with the overall sanitary price, which is beautiful, and has won widespread love and appreciation from users at home and abroad.
Extension and development
Product Details: the overall bathroom design is a very thoughtful thing. If it is well matched, it will make the room have a better aesthetic effect and highlight the taste of the owner of the room. Here are a few overall bathroom design tips to share with you! Tips 1: enjoy a good vision with tile matching. Specific method: add a bright yellow tile horizontally in the dark tile, the dull feeling of small space will be swept away immediately. The raised twill on the surface of tile not only breaks the linear relationship of balance and verticality, but also makes the wall full of tension. Trick 2: extend bathroom space with multiple mirrors. Specific method: install mirrors on two or even three walls in the bathroom, and its reflective effect makes the space transparent and bright. Tip 3: use wall mounted bathroom furniture to reduce bathroom space. Specific methods: for example, the combination of bath mirror and wall cabinet is very practical with dual functions; while the wall type basin cabinet not only has strong storage capacity, but also does not occupyWith the ground space, it is very convenient to take care of the ground. Trick 4: the shower screen cleverly separates the dry and wet functional areas. Specific practice: bathtub often takes up too much area, using shower screen to create a shower area, while making dry and wet natural zone. For people who pay attention to the details of life, in the small bathroom space, the division of the area is particularly important. The independence of dry and wet areas will make life orderly. The transparent resin glass forming the shower screen not only has no influence on the visual effect of the bathroom, but also makes the bathroom appear in a bright manner, sweeping the pressure of the small bathroom space. The arc-shaped shower screen not only distinguishes the dry and wet areas of the bathroom, but also the overall bathroom design can create a sense of beauty. Entering the shower area inside can create a sense of security and enjoy the pleasure of bathing. The vertical shower screen can partition the bathroom as well as produce perfect effect, and create a simple and modern style for the bathroom.

Since its establishment on June 8, 2017, Beijing Weishi residential technology Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the enterprise spirit of "thrifty and entrepreneurship, honesty and integrity", and constantly improved. We should focus on customers, insist on benefiting customers with small profits and high sales; insist on relying on the overall bathroom hotel market, provide customers with high-quality overall bathroom products and services; insist on sincere cooperation with customers, so that customers are satisfied. For more cooperation intention negotiation, please call the hotline:, or visit our official website: Weishi residential engineering believes in the high-quality service concept of striving to create value for customers, that is, to create value for you.

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