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  Maybe Not If You Spend It Of Course

Date Thursday, July 30th 2020, 8:43 AM; Icon 15; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

First of all, I generally agree with you, but there is circumstance I do not often see mentioned. Yes, NBA 2K has a lot of microtransactions. If you just need a basketball sim to play against friends or on the internet, there are essentially no microtransactions, and that I haven't seen one unskippable ad. Depends how you perform NBA 2K I guess. I really like the basketball sim, it is well done and really realistic. And you succeed more like it is supposed to be played, should you play the sport which is rare for a sports game. So depends exactly what you desire. I would not blame anybody for being flipped off NBA 2K reason behind microtransactions. But as a basketball sim it's really terrific.

Game costs have changed despite inflation. We get much larger, longer, fully featured games for cheaper than we ever used to. And the tools are better, the marketing and pricing refined, and the market is bigger. It costs about zero pennies to market a digital game, and only dollars to manufacture and market a disk, so video games are only a fixed price model. That means that no matter for how little money, every additional purchase, increases their profitability. IP in general tends to be similar to this a Ferrari, that has labour costs and element to build.

In any case, games are monetized to back and hell. Some games sell for $60 all in, but countless games have deluxe editions, pre-order editions, season passes, battle moves, boosts, etc. The sports game sub-segment can be greatly siphoned by being a yearly series with typically very unambitious changes from year to year. This as a trial balloon're drifting because they could.

Yeah, this thread is amusing, especially when I am pretty sure the age demographic is marginally higher than other gaming subreddits. Games have been $50-60 because I was buying them with allowance in 1999. You will find far more ways to acquire games cheaply than ever before, you can access literally hundreds (or even thousands) of games for the purchase price of a few subscriptions at the moment. However, when you live in a nation with extreme wealth disparity where many people simply make enough to just get by, they blame fair costs of goods/services rather than attributing the financial system they reside in where that is an issue for them.

Check out www.nba2king.com for more details.

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