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  Busting My League Bug Dissapear

Date Saturday, July 25th 2020, 6:54 AM; Icon 10; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

It's time to eliminate the neighbourhood. It is time to do away with the"got-next" park system. It's time to resolve also the fiasco that is pay-to-win and also the input lag. It does not do the job. We KNOW it does not work. Folks shouldn't be awaiting 84 years for a JRC game and nobody cares about roaming about a region that provides essentially zero worth comparatively to a menu. I completely know the complaints around little nuances with cheesing animations and small glitches in-game and shit, but we are overlooking fundamental issues which other big titles just don't have. Money is being spent by people on your game to play it, not to wait 45 mins for a game of playground with the chance that you may enjoy it.

TakeTwo - it's nearly fucking 2019. Give us a game with some price. Now I'd get more enjoyment from staring in a Windows 98 3D Pipes screen saver for one hour. 2K is competing for marketshare but game is crap to other large titles with a competitive component because of shit servers exceptionally pointless environment and delay times.

100% agree.. In between running life duties, a company and making time for your own spouse. Like once I was a teen I don't have hours to play everyday, but I still only enjoy competitive multiplayer matches. So when I do get an hour or two here and there, then I'm looking to enter a game rather quickly... like it's with damn near any other online game. I've hated the park since 2k14, it's not efficient. Tons of time. Can count how many times I waited to finish, simply to have a squad immediately jump in and take my spot and begin the waiting game around again. They will never eliminate it. Gamers will spend money on their look. One for 65-75 rated players and another for 75 and above. A good deal of 90's players are crap and can be slowed by gamers rated a lot lower.

Totally onboard with this. I think that it makes sense to revise the ranking system in general. I am also interested as to whether or not implementing transaction sales would be actually affected by a matchmaking surroundings, because other games don't seem to be suffering whatsoever when these systems are set up. I am certain it's because when a game is not pay to triumph, it is likely to have an effect on player longevity - and the fact is, if a developer creates a game which is not a fucking disaster similar to this one is, and the consumer actually likes it and it works, people are going to be more inclined to pay for shit and play more. There is a reason this season and why there was such a fall off last year.

Check out www.nba2king.com for more details.

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