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  It'S An Superb Suggestion

Date Thursday, July 23rd 2020, 3:39 AM; Icon 9; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

Correct me if im wrong but isnt that this"company" basically the osrs equivalent to racketeering? They claim theyre there for security but youre really paying so it is possible to use the world without the guys youre paying from killing you. I just wanted to make a comparison but some folks thought I was implying their business is liek prohibited in some way.It's racketeering. Clans hold down. Thats different in the telescope busting up stores in a locality unless the stores pay to be left alone.

The real question is whether this is behaviour that is appropriate. It's a multi area in the wilderness at a game which wishes to promote clans and collaboration. As Jagex anticipated/encouraged, because it's racketeering does not necessarily signify the clans are not acting. I think this view is correct. It's racketeering... at a video game. A MMO for this thing, which is all about collaboration and interaction with others. The problem isn't rev caves. It is people who think it is ok market and to buy gp for real money which is against the rules.

I think it's funny people are behaving as if you're wanting players charged for racketeering. I think people forget because things such as racketeering are acts that impact people in ways that are harmful, IRL laws are set up. No, nobody will arrest you for doing this in RuneScape. That does not mean it is a scheme that is harmless though. Yeah it was kinda strange but I guess my tone kinda sounded like I called each of these people scum. I think overall it is somewhat healthy for RuneScape since its greater than clans just straight up locking average players out of the rev caves and gives people reasons to roam the seas and keep the rev PvMers in check so that there arent like 50 people on each world and just further destroy the market for all the rev drops.Whenever the last Participant logs into RuneScape

I am hoping for this as well. Having the capability to download our own player file along with RuneScape would be amazing. I would, if I had to pay $30 or something to do this. Makes me wonder if we had accounts stored to our personal computer, would we be in a position to multilog? It would happen, considering they've never done anything like this for some of their deceased matches, maybe not even experiences which could have been played offline. Also, such as that would provide increase to servers releasing it they would need to really go after and shut down because they still own the IP for RuneScape even when it expires; it their copyrighted work.

Check out www.rsgoldfast.com for more details.

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