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  Ways to create Madden great again

Date Tuesday, July 21st 2020, 10:40 AM; Icon 9; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

How about real difficulty instead of Madden NFL 21 simply cheesing? It is infuriating to see a 99 speed receiver forget how to conduct so he can not catch up with a pass. It's why I still play All-Pro rather than Madden. Sure, I can probably win my share of Madden NFL onto it, but I would rather not rely on cheese plays to win. And watching my players play like crap is frustrating. I want a challenge, not a scenario in which the o-line literally does not even try to block for me. All-pro, even with sliders, gets too straightforward. I'm in season 2 of my madden Lions franchise. Qbs have completed 85% of their passes against me.... For a mean of 150 ypg. I am 3-0.

Yeah, you don't need to conduct cheese plays to acquire on All-Madden, you have to find have some generic audibles, and browse coverages. The majority of the time that I know if the ball is snapped and where I am going and there's no need to sexy or audible route. I developed a back the hell do I need to perceptible to if him can not stop without loading the box on zone plays? If you notice them running guy blitzes, begin calling some in routes and shit along with your wideouts. Should you have to score 40 points to win Madden NFL, your defense is your issue rather than the cheese. It is awful. I played all-pro at madden 19 and didn't lose a game in franchise. I flipped it up to all-madden in madden 21 and that I was still winning Madden NFL, but it wasn't fun and the losses were because Madden NFL 21 would pick that I'd lose. Shit is broken.

Can you perform with simulation mode? What's the best feeling to get an offline franchise that is authentic and what quarter lengths etc do you perform? Simulation mode is used by me. I typically play pro with the accelerated clock and 10 qtrs turned on. The anomalies I can't solve is under average QB lighting up me with just a few passes a match. But I know some cheesy defensive blitzes that let my to generate a game. At this point, it's my only means. I am fairly new and went from simulation 5 minutes quarters to all madden sim perform the minutes, but it's just not felt really realistic or gratifying. I'll try out what you said. Can you change some other sliders BTW?

I wish a company would try to re-think football (and sports Madden NFL) design to where the player physics and tests of the sport itself dictate the difficulty, not sliders or anything. There should not be a difficulty levels. Sliders allowing, or to change physics that is certain if desired users to have pleasure. But in Madden if you play with the CPU on all-pro, winning a game as the underdog will be no big deal. Slower CPU gamers should not be in a position to chase down user DBs or WRs just since the CPU requires a unfair advantage for difficulty. Another example is play with NCAA 14 on default Heisman as Alabama vs Rice and observe your Alabama OL and DL get dominated. Ratings simply don't issue and that takes a lot of pleasure out of playing sports simulations.

No difficulty levels would be rather weird given the huge disparities in ability and expertise. How do you design a game that's an proper difficulty for both novices and people who've played for ten years? You can't please everybody. Not every game is created for every participant. We have sports Madden NFL that have difficulties and sliders, I am saying I want to see one which cries that structure and starts fresh. They need to re-think the participant rating system. I don't understand. We are not thinking of right now when you unchain your imagination from the. It would have to be jobless unless EA did it. I doubt any business out there really wants to undertake developing a simulation football game from scratch with no NFL license. Not a simple thing to describe to shareholders.

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