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  How much does disposable mask machine cost

Date Tuesday, July 21st 2020, 6:31 AM; Icon 6; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

what is the price of disposable mask machine? This problem has been constantly searched by netizens. Now Lihan mask machine manufacturers in this detailed quotation.

disposable mask machine depends on what type of mask you do. The general types of mask can be divided into four categories: Cup mask, folding mask, plane mask and special-shaped mask. There are also some who say they want to make 3M masks and N95 masks. These masks can be classified into those four categories.

generally, customers who ask how much a disposable mask machine costs will basically need to make a flat mask and need to buy a flat mask machine. Now the price of plane mask machine is introduced in detail.

the plane mask machine is divided into semi-automatic mask machine, automatic mask machine <a href="www.whatsonbox.com and automatic mask machine. From the name, we already know the general difference between them. yes! That is, the degree of automation is not the same, the efficiency is not the same, and finally the price is not the same. Now, Lihan machinery offers here briefly.

for the general semi-automatic mask machine, if you set up a production line, it can operate normally, and the total cost is about 1.5-200000 yuan.

in the case of automatic flat mask machine, it is about 200000-300000.

in terms of the full-automatic flat mask machine, depending on the scale you want to achieve and the production efficiency you want, the efficiency and stability of Lihan machinery are the highest in the market. For example, Lihan automatic one drag three mask machine can be about 130-150 masks per minute, with continuous and stable operation for <a href="www.whatsonbox.com box packaging suppliers</a> more than 12 hours. Therefore, the price range of full-automatic plane mask machine is relatively large, generally about 300000-1000000.

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the future <a href="www.whatsonbox.com mask wholeseller</a> development trend and Prospect Analysis of the mask industry

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