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  Architectural projection case dramatic lighting show of timeless

Date Friday, July 17th 2020, 10:38 AM; Icon 9; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

this is a map display. It conducts mapping display on two facades at the same time, and creates in the light circle held in the theater square in the autumn of the light and shadow Festival.

The performance is dedicated to the anniversary of the Marley theatre, which is known as the cradle of dramatic art. The goal is to protect the heritage of the theatre as much as possible.

Alexamder Ostrovsky is the protagonist of the show. He guides the audience to a magical journey through time, literature and drama.

1. Storyboard
any theater starts with a structure, and any project starts with storyboard.

at the beginning of the <a href="www.color-imagination.com lighting manufacturers</a>project, they created a very fast storyboard based on text scripts, which enabled them to move further.

2. Concept introduction
all the concepts in these scenes are based on the real Marley theater architecture. The theater crew agreed to give them the most interesting architectural tour and show them the amazing interior and decoration.

they got a lot of photos during the trip, so the only thing they needed was to develop an idea to write the architectural theme of the Marley theatre into the architecture of the Grand Theatre.

3. They are very inspired by artists and decorative artists. They are said to be watching a famous performance at the Mari theatre and designing on stage at the time of sketchingSome interesting performances are noted in and then used in their content.

these concepts are based on konstantim yuon's art. They chose to use the scene as a paper object to recreate a sense of antiquity.

They try to get a declining aristocratic smell through every architectural detail in the scene.

<a href="www.color-imagination.com studio lighting</a>

they show the soul of the theatre and bring the audience to the backstage of the theatre to guide the audience out of the artistic brilliance of Ostrovsky.

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