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  Thank God Phantasy Star Online 2 is crossplay

Date Thursday, June 18th 2020, 10:13 AM; Icon 5; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

Can anyone comment on the connectivity to the US Servers as a Phantasy Star Online 2 participant from the UK? What is the Ping/Connection characteristic like? Does it affect gameplay in any way? Just to be clear, PSO2 is a game designed so your connection quality affects Phantasy Star Online 2play very little. Basically everything is instanced on your end. Monsters behave as they usually would and harm is updated instantly for everybody involved, but in the event that you should dodge something or be struck by something on your screen, it won't matter what anyone else sees, just what you see.

In cases of lag, or host lag, it can be noticeable. It is free of concern, although it is not immune. After a while server lag has been operating needs to be completely gone. This is the reason why so many English Phantasy Star Online 2 players have tolerated playing on JP for long.

That is.... Not surprising, but disappointing. I had a fantastic chunk of friends who were likely to perform, but the windows shop instantly scared off them. Being a MMO onto a platform would've been amazing for Phantasy Star Online 2. Now, I'm genuinely very worried that it will have the ability to retain a decent Phantasy Star Online 2 playerbase, let alone extend that base beyond core fans of the show. Thank God Phantasy Star Online 2 is crossplay. IDK is not a stage. It has never diminished the existence of Minecraft and SoT is chugging along just fine for the niche appeal of it.

I think it's more that Steam is pretty much the home of PC gambling. Folks have their friends on there all and Steam has many attributes that the Microsoft store doesn't. There is also the fact that earning Phantasy Star Online 2 a Microsoft store exclusive means they are going to get much fewer PC Phantasy Star Online 2 players than they could've gotten. It's in everybody's best interest to see Phantasy Star Online 2 get as Phantasy Star Online 2 players and Steam and a part in that play. I'm not that ripped up about having to use the Microsoft shop until then, although I do hope a Steam version comes earlier or later.

You don't need to tell to me; I have shop games. It is not like I don't want / hope for a steam launch but the windows store isn't some place where games just wither on the vine and die because that is where they are offered. It will not perish, however Phantasy Star Online 2 will have a small percent of the Phantasy Star Online 2 playerbase that it could have had. I'd be amazed if even 1/4 of the people which were going to play due to the rumored Steam version still wanted to playwith. I can not really talk to anything but metrics.

More information about PSO2 in www.pso2ah.com

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