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  We've literally had RuneScape game we loved destroyed once

Date Saturday, June 13th 2020, 6:05 AM; Icon 10; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

Folks have this peculiar belief that what you're saying is some mind-melting wisdom. Firms make cash, thats their purpose. Brilliant, take a seat and choose your decoration. Can we talk about how, as clients, we've got the right to complain about how they earn their money? We've literally had RuneScape game we loved destroyed once. I wonder if capitalism is necessary. Saying that things might exist if they are profitable means that lots of items which are valuable, but not necessarily monetarily, are forced out of existence.

Every year, why does a business need growth? Is it not enough to sustain? Or even reduce gains but do some shit that is good? It's disappointing that people that are essentially broken get to choose how the rest of us live. Individuals who are selfish always take more than what they want, meaning the correct play would be to be selfish. It is so disappointing, we can achieve a lot more if we weren't bound in this manner. Capitalism is fine. This is compared to socialism, where the capital owners don't decide supply, and communism where there aren't property owners and the government decides what's made in the first location.

There is nothing inherent about capitalism that forces a business to grow. Like, a local restaurant company doesn't have to grow to maintain providing a living to the owners. However, when you enable your company to be publicly traded, because the folks buying in are betting on growth instead of raw production you suddenly have a massive incentive to grow. The main reason is that investors who don't care about are relied on by sport studios. It would be interesting if matches studios could be conducted without any outside investors, but that's not sensible.

What is the point in this thread in case you are not planning to ask some of the questions Acorn? When you did a few weeks ago you simply asked dull typical questions like; what's your day to day task like, what's the most interesting project you have worked on, what is the biggest challenge you've faced at Jagex etc.. These aren't that interesting sorry, I believe folks would rather have questions answered from this thread so that they can learn about upcoming changes, ideas on fixing bits of content etc.. I have 16 questions in my record out of Reddit thread that is last and this Reddit thread. Sorry if your question wasn't asked on some of the livestreams.

I have got some thoughts that Igot some attention and've tweeted about. High/low alchemy pills - would start an interface such as the ring that is explorers. Another usage for runes/soft clay. Ash said the dev who created tablets wanted to make these but was not able to at the time. Bones to peaches on almost any bone - I end up bonecrushing most bones since lack of use following 99 prayer, no method to use bones to peaches etc.. This would help in some areas where bones are dropped but not used. Personally fossil or wyrms wyverns for me. Ash explained the exp threshold may alter to have the ability to work on all bones predicated on xp they would give.

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